Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mug in Plastic

According to SiP tradition (if there is one), I'd need make a Lego version of me. Having a mini-me is not really a rule but rather a handy little something that can be used as a tool or, let's say, a stuntman in certain occasions. I find the idea amusing.

I sat down to think whether I'd make one from the bits and pieces we have in our home but didn't come up with anything. I didn't really see myself in Lego.

Then I realized I already had a Lego me. I have used a picture of a snowtrooper minifigure as my avatar with pretty much every platform I'm on for a long time. Thinking about it, it actually suits me quite well, bar the military aspects of it, of course. The troopers operate in cold and are used to snow, they are completely covered in protective gear and, you know, I bet it's comfy underneath. Sounds good to me, I've always liked helmets anyway.

The snowtrooper is also symbolic to the subject of my photography, my favourite environment to go to with a camera is tabletop snow. I like the minuscule snow particles I can see with a macro lens. The snowy photographs are my most popular ones as well, so, it's only natural the snowtrooper gets to represent me.

How about the name? I have used the callsign TK-24/7 to single out the trooper in my Flickr photos many times, the name has been the same whether it's been a snowtrooper, stormtrooper or a scout. The joke in the callsign TK-24/7 is, of course, the idea of a plastic trooper being always available for duty.

Now, you may see a generic snowtrooper when you look at the photo below, a minifigure that is not customized or personalized at all. But it's really TK-24/7, always up and ready to go. My guy.


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