About Us

Stuck In Plastic (#stuckinplastic) is the brainchild of Me2 and xxSJC.

These two photographers who are separated by 7585 kilometers were brought together by their mutual love of the Lego mini figure.

Even though there are surface differences between their photographic styles, they share a common desire to reveal the inner lives and loves of the diminutive mini fig.

These numerous and varied occupants of the Lego world have very active and interesting lives. Over the years Me2 & xxSJC have attempted to document this interesting yet overlooked sub culture of the Lego world.

In the course of there own personal quests, Me2 and xxSJC have discovered many like-minded friends through Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, twitter, RedBubble and even occasionally real life.

This site is dedicated to bringing these varied platforms and people together.

They would like to connect, share, celebrate and generally explore all aspects of this wonderful, colorful, funny, silly world with you through Stuck in Plastic.


  1. Ok, so I'm hooked... First I found you on G+, then hunted you down on Instagram & Flickr. Now, I'll go find you on FB, love the work you're doing.