Saturday, September 20, 2014

Old Traditions and Workflows Alike

Dance Floor
This morning I woke up with lots of energy, a boost of coffee and a long list of things to do, you know, the here and now.

Unlocking The Studio, switching on the lights and with a few clicks ready to enter the Lightroom to make some great epic post processing and push some digital awesomeness into the world of bits and bites when my eye was caught with the latest post of Shelly and her sound bite when grumbling over breakfast and bacon with egg tempera;

"That's also to say that usually - but not always - the piece you produce tomorrow will be shaped, purely and simply, by the tools you hold in your hand today."

While Shelly obviously was thinking about her breakfast and having a dip, my mind drifted off from the tasks at hand (taking some new pictures, finish a few other pictures and get our latest stuck in plastic blog post out as I discussed the night before with S. and then distribute it to magnitude of different platforms ...)

The tools at hand ...

The new tools these day are really the digital workflow, from taking the picture to sharing it with our target audience (remember the Sunday family afternoons when grandpa got out his slide projector and we all enjoyed a 36 PowerPoint avant-la-lettre  for an hour walk through ?).

Target Audiences ...

Big names like IG, Flickr, G+, FB, Picasa and even Tumblr and Twitter are flashing by ...

How are we connecting with our audience, what is our audience, why are we doing it ... all these questions flashed along and the question of focus and purpose was added to mix.

Long story short, my original post I was planning to write here will need to wait while I am sorting out my electronic tools of today and get rid of some noise that distracts me of producing the piece of tomorrow ...

Stay tuned ...


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