Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Tea Party

Our Friends are having an awesome Tea Party

Most interesting discussions are happening here on Stuck In Plastic.

While exploring the most innocent question of Why we are shooting Plastic, I mentioned that for me (read me as in me, myself and I) the touch with the working class reality aka big Inc. is a key driver and influence.

I mentioned that escaping from the Big Inc. Madness (be it cubicle, production line or board room) into shooting Plastic was one of my drivers, yet I could not see me abandon this and retire on an undisclosed empty island with only sun, sea and hopefully some fresh water to pursue my love of photography.

I mentioned I needed both in my life balance.

Nothing special, and artists have gone before us who find their roots directly in the working class blue jeans culture or office cubicles from big Inc. corporations.  From Bruce to Dilbert, from U2 to song of innocence on the latest Apple keynote (ForceTouch anyone ?).

Yet, Shelly reads it completely different (or not) and posted her view here and turning it in a discussion of Independent Art vs Big Inc.

A most interesting road I for sure want to explore in more depth.

What is most satisfying ?

Releasing a new song to millions of users on iTunes through big Inc. Apple or going Indie ?

Most probably an unfair question, but what if we start to explore an art exhibition in the board room of Shell ?

Would you refuse or take the window of opportunity ?

Food for thought I will be thinking about more the coming days, but first we have a top secret visit to the HQ of another Big Inc. ahead of us ...

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