Monday, October 27, 2014

Another Kind of Diary

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~ Pablo Picasso
This also applies to me and my photography.

I love to look back at my photos and think about where I took them and who was with me at the time. Each photo is an instant flash back to (mostly) wonderful memories. This past week on G+ I have been sharing the few Lego photos I took while in Iceland last year. Looking at them today takes me immediately back there and I experience the exhilaration over again.

For me photography has always been a form of documentation; be it my emotions, my family or an unusually viewpoint of a particular place. It may not seem like one, but my photography is a visual journal of my day to day life.

I have always travelled with my Lego mini figures and my photographs represent the places I have been. Since this is on a micro scale a specific place may be difficult to identify. As the colors and textures of places differ, it is interesting to see those differences in the final shots. This can be especially obvious when viewed as a group.

I am curious how you view your photography.

What role does it play in your life?
Is it a book in the making?
Is it a documentation of your everyday life?
Is it reaction to world events around you?
I wonder if +Me2 takes his Lego with him when he travels for business?

~ xxsjc

Iceland October 2013

Arches NP, Utah, September 2014

What a difference a year can make. 


  1. I've seen Me2's photos with his minifigs in various cities that he's asked us to guess. When I travel, I tend to weave a story into the journey, such as when Karlijn disappeared and her father and her ex-boyfriend went to Amsterdam and then, on a tip from a fellow barfly, to Paris in search of her. Or when Trendsetter and Hipster decided to take their honeymoon in Lisbon without getting married first. (Good thing, because the relationship didn't last.)

  2. Aye, I am not travelling alone and have quite some friends along here in downsouth.

    I am currently in deep undercover sugary sessions with limited time to get the gear and friends out and start shooting, but we are planning some extensive explorations over the weekend, so stay tuned :)