Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The Poetry of the Streets

There is 
a thrill to walking 
the empty city
at dawn,
plastic hidden,
feeling the cold
biting your neck
racing the morning light
as it creeps over the tops 
of the buildings.
There is a quiet 
that follows
as you slip into
dirty laneways 
dripping with 
brightly coloured 
street art,
and walls 
in the scrawl
of invisible souls. 
Choose a spot.
Choose a figure.
At first
you may not see
the poetry 
of the streets 
alive with toys, 
but then it comes, 
tiny drifting souls
echoing desperate 
cries and laughter
among the everyday debris. 
back alley visits
unfeeling plastic
by the gram
to feel 
a shared humanity
in a world 
turning faceless
by the second.

~ Legojacker

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  1. Love it! Thank you for inviting Legojacker to your site. There are a number of feeds I'm excited to see, and his is right at the top!