Saturday, October 4, 2014

Putting Social Back Into Social Media

#wwim10stockholm is the hashtag of choice amongst these fine folks behind me2

Today was the 10th World Wide InstaMeet (try #wwim10 out on Instagram)  with folks around the globe taking their cameras and phones alike out for a group walk and meeting other IG people in real live.  

I have always thought about joining a photowalk like these, but never took the deep dive into the unknown (I am most probably not the most social brick around).

Meeting strangers in real live. 

Shaking hands and exchanging lenses. 

A very nice experience I will for sure explore again.
After all, we are a social species. 

A species designed to connect and exchange creativity ...

Why are these photographers walking in our picture - 50mm lens from another IG'r

People ?!?

Special thanks to:

@iggersstockholm for inviting us to the party, we for sure want to join again ... 
@dasha for being such a great host and patiently herd the troops along ...
@xxsjc for pointing out the obvious ...

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