Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring is in the air ...


While a fresh rainy snowstorm here in the Stockholm Archipelago canned the plans of an early morning spring shoot on location, we decided to stay inside and turn things yellow in The Studio this morning.

While the crew turned all their energy in setting up The Studio for what is going to be on of the first bigger projects here on #stuckinplastic we found Dorky exploring the fresh Hyacintus we had standing in the green room.

Bigger project ?

Yes indeed, Shelly and I had a great long distance working session last evening where we laid out the foundation of our first big project and the crazy thing was that we were actually already both working on our own on a very similar idea.

I am not going into the details yet, but it involves two individual art projects coming together between Seattle and Stockholm including Lego, Pictures and some great Fun ...

Curious and interested ?

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