Friday, May 2, 2014

Englishmen in New York


As part of the annual spring cleaning and preparing myself for the summer ahead I brought my body in to my local favorite store for a thorough sensor cleansing ahead of May Fourth.

After a good twelve minutes I got the verdict my body was too dirty and needed attention of the mother ship.

The Death Star ...

Luckily I was close to the mother ship and was able to leave the body for a complete clean and check up session but was not mentally prepared to hear it would take a good two (or three weeks) to get the body rejuvenated by the friendly Stormtrooper on duty.

I keep my fingers crossed the friendly Trooper on the other side of the counter will do everything possible so I get it back before the photoshoot planned in two weeks from now.

That said, getting a mental break from being *forced* to shoot *new* and have the opportunity to revisit some of my older shoots, clean up and redefine my workflow and spend some quality time with Lightroom Five and  Epson 3880 may give a refreshing view here ...

On the way back home, I felt very naked having to leave my body of choice behind and Sting was blasting from the speakers ... An Englishmen in New York

Sometimes I feel like Sting or Crisp and feel like a legal alien here in Stockholm.

So what better as revisiting these shoots from our Alien friends who came in peace in 2012 ...

Did you have your body checked recently ?


Footnotes to self:

Day 13 in my personal challenge  (and this is on old repost from 2012)

As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice ... 


  1. First I love this image; it's always been a favorite! I love the subtle touch of the red hands on the "leader". How old is your camera body? If it is old as the printer you just replaced I can see why it had to go back to the Mothership. With that said I think your post is a good reminder to take care of our loved one. Best of luck in the coming weeks!

    1. Aye, it is one of my favorites as well.

      My body is not that old, only a good year and a half, but it has joined me on many adventures and I tend to change glass whenever I am on the road, so it may have collected more dust than it should.

      Keeping fingers crossed there is no real damage and it is just some star dust than can be cleaned by the pro's.


    2. I'll keep my fingers crossed! I was thinking of selling my Mark II body, but then I wouldn't have a back up. I'm not sure if I could survive without a camera for three weeks. My thoughts go with you.