Wednesday, May 14, 2014

For the pure joy of the photograph.

Sometimes I want to just pull a Vivian Maier and take a million photographs and never do anything with them. Just take the photos, nothing more. There is nothing so satisfying or glorious as the physical act of taking a photo.

For me the processing, editing and printing is a one long down hill slide.

My husband is always telling me I take too many photos. Or maybe I just post too many? He says I am too prolific and so will never be able to sell my work because there is no scarcity. Maybe this is true? I don't really know.

But I do know that taking them is were all the fun is, everything else after that is just work.

I think Vivian Maier was on to something.
While I continue to mull this over, I have some pictures I want to post to the internet.

When was the last time you actually enjoyed taking a photograph?
How much effort do you put into promoting your work?

If you have not checked out the story of Vivian Maier I urge you to do so. It is an amazing story of a nanny living in Chicago around 1950 who shot 1,000's of photographs and never developed them. They were essentially discovered by accident in 2007 after she died.    


  1. Photography is merely a hobby for me... I do it for the pleasure, if I don't enjoy it I don't do it. Yes, there have been uninspired periods when I've just not picked up the camera and that is OK. I want to share my work... if I make someone smile for just a moment I feel my work is done. I'm not a great "Photographer", but want to improve my technique to get consistent results. Loving "Stuck In Plastic" for inspiration and hopefully an opportunity to improve my skills while meeting like minded individuals. Keep up the great work!

    1. Maggie, I certainly have seen my own periods of inspiration - one actually lasted over five years! But when it comes down to it, taking the photo, capturing a moment in time, is pure joy. If there is anything we can do to help you improve your skills, please let me know, we are here to help! :D