Monday, May 5, 2014

Monsieur Croissant

Today Shelly and me had an interesting discussion about influences, copyrights, inspirations and bluntly stealing (I should not have taken that donut from her).

I am sure we have not said the last here on this topic, and while I want to stay far away from big ticket items like copyright infringement and big Inc. owning the worlds of our dreams, there is a big difference between stealing and stealing.

Like Shelly wrote in her post earlier, steal like a real artist and get inspired but don't just copy without the credit.

So, if you are liking someones style or art work, and you work hard to recreate it in your own, then give credit by starting of with an homage.

Tell the world who is inspiring you and which dreams you want to explore ...

It not only gives you the chance of being recognized by those who have inspired you, it also makes the difference between stealing like an artist and being a douchbag.


Footnotes to self:
Day XVI in my personal challenge.
As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice ...   


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