Friday, May 16, 2014

Sometimes a "like" is more than just a "like".

I know there is some controversy on Instagram about "likes" and when to give them. I have plenty of friends among my followers who never like any photos and are quite proud of this fact. When they tell me this I just look at them quizzically and wonder "Why?" Why do you even bother participating in this community?

I will freely admit I like almost every photo I run across. Maybe this means my "likes" are meaningless, but they aren't to me. I am not liking them for there stellar quality or there creativity (even though that is often the case), I am also liking them for the effort. I know how hard it is to get up each morning and be creative. Some days you are more successful than others; and to me it's the effort that matters most.

I have a friend who works in public relations and one of her duties for her clients is to tell them they are wonderful…every day. Artists are often in a crisis of self confidence, self doubt comes with the territory. Putting your work in the public to be judged is hard on the psyche. Sometimes I want to add her to my payroll so I can have her do this same service for me on a daily basis. I guess I will settle for our occasional beer and pep talks.

So to everyone who shares their images publicly, I applaud you. You are doing the work and it isn't easy. Know I will always be there to like your photo and cheer you on because we all need a cheering section.

Are you a "happy liker" like me?
Do you have a cheering section to help you get over the rough patches?

My best friend Kitty with her dogs Kipper and Minty. 


  1. Personally I will like almost every single photo in my feed, however, I'll only comment on the ones that really stand out to me and make me say: "Wow.."

    1. I'm with you on the comments. It's got to stand to get one. Do you ever troll a hashtag for interesting new photographers?

  2. I like them as long as they're not too dark or blurry. I'm also a sucker for dog photos. As far as comments, I tend to comment on the photos of people who comment on mine, and for others, I focus as much on the caption as the photo itself, because I look at IG as a tool for storytelling. Oh, and I also consider my comments an opportunity to practice Portuguese, so if someone captions in Portuguese, the likelihood of my commenting doubles.