Saturday, November 22, 2014



I am just returning to The Studio after a full week of intergalactic travel for Big Inc.

The third week of intergalactic travel, discoveries and planning ahead for next year with Darth and Co, all wrapped up under non disclosure agreements  and other legal mumbo jumbo, a great deep dive with corporate Inc and C types alike.

Three weeks of limited activity in The Studio shooting new, yet sufficient time to prepare for my most significant twelve on the intergalactic carriers I have explored the last few weeks.

I am really getting ready to put the finishing touch to this little booklet of 2014 epicness and share with you.

Twelve hand picked pictures of this year, wrapped up in one shiny booklet to be there as a lifetime memory to look back on 2014.

It is not to late for you to join into the fun and sign up here or read everything about it here if you are new to this exclusive 2014 photo exchange here on Stuck In Plastic.

I have a few more questions that I want to ask you, but first things first.

Getting my 12 most significant ones selected.

Would you like to see Green or Curtiz included in my twelve ones ?


Looking for more adult content with a twist ? 
Have a look at the latest post of Shelly here, as she introduces us to a company that takes the performing arts of bricks to the next level.

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