Friday, November 14, 2014

How long does it take you ?

Awesome. Lets have some FUN

While some of us seem to have a challenge with coming out of the closet and openly share their passion for being stuck in plastic, I have a complete different question for you to kickstart the weekend.

How long does it take you ?

How long does it take you between getting a great idea and putting it out there for all of us to enjoy ?

Avanaut just shared recently it can take him years to get it all right but I am more interested in the idea to first edition question.

In the past, it took me between a few minutes (time to take a selfie) to maximum a few hours to get it all right, shot, edited and out there in the big pool of instant gratification, ready to receive likes.

Today it takes days or even weeks (dare I say months) before an idea is put into a creative shoot and published as a first edition.

I would not be capable of running a 365 project at all.

Is it age, maturity, lack of time or just plain rebellion against the here and now instant gratification.
I dont know but it is for sure not a writers block or an artistic lack of ideas.

It is just ... it takes more time.
It needs more thought.
It needs planning.
It needs lightening, stagehands, and the full Me2 Crew
It needs to be pixel perfect on FX mode.
It needs more time ...

So, how long does it take you ?

Have you ever went to great lengths to take a shot and then eventually decide to NOT publish it ?
Have you ever taken a piece of paper and drawn out the complete scenery ?
Have you ever considered getting a smoke machine into your scenery ?
Have you ever considered renting additional glass (read lenses) because the once you have dont support the right idea ?


  1. A few minutes. I want it instantly. :) (The quality of my pictures doesn't need much work)

    1. I love your style !
      Instant gratification :)

      And your feed really inspires me.

  2. It takes me too long ☺

    I don't really get the chance to take photos out and about, and without a dedicated workspace have to go through the setup and takedown each time.

    1. Have you considered to get your own place to shoot ?