Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life of a Project

While everyone is getting their books together for the epic 2014 Photo Exchange I thought I would remind you of this post from earlier this year "Two Steps Back..."

No matter what your project is, no matter how big or small it is, you will move along a very familiar path. From your very first eureka moment, to the emergence of those first doubts nibbling away at your confidence, to the very depths of despair when you don't think it will ever get done... we have all been there.

I am currently somewhere between "It will be good to finish because I'll learn something for the next time" and "Its done and it sucks, but not as bad as I thought." Personally I am grateful for even this.

As you work on your "best of" book or your next big artistic project, know that the life of a project is a nasty little roller coaster ride that every artist chooses to take. You are not alone, we have all been there.

And no matter how bad that roller coaster ride is, its better than the alternative...doing nothing.

~ xxsjc

Have you experienced this emotional artistic roller coaster before?
How do you handle those inevitable artistic self doubts?
Have you read Steal Like an Artist

Run Away!

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