Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6474K of Friendship

The friendship dinner outside the Studio
Our friends arrived sound and safe at The Studio and decoded the message of our little green friends that every adventure needs to end with a friendship dinner just like the adventures of Nero and Asterix.

While Rudolf made a viable alternative for the wild boars of Asterix and Co. up here in the North, the secret message of our green friends talked about cloud berries and ice cream.

Herr K. from Hamburg.

Herr K. mentioned the good old tradition of German Weisbeer and before we knew we were all talking about our own country favorites, from crocodile to wiener.

Lady W. from S.

A great evening where adventures and stories were turned into tales for the future ...

A toast ...

Friendships were sealed ...

... for a toast full of wonderlust.

And new adventures full of wanderlust are forged into the future ...

The great quest for the Northern light has come to an end and the Crew will travel back to the corners of the earth with great new experiences, certificates and a secret key to the  light switch of the arctic light ... 

We will give you some more travel details and inside pictures in the coming weeks as we get our head around the plus 6K pictures we took on this trip. 

A trip which took us six thousand four hundred seventy four kilometers with our little VW camper ...


  1. I must be getting soft, because this make me want to cry. A lovely trip of friends, photography and adventure.

    Thank you.

  2. I enjoyed the photos and look forward to your next adventures.