Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap
It has been a busy week to say the least.

After our epic friendship dinner and some tears and hugs the day after (when we all said our farewells and goodbyes), Shelly got in an epic write up mood and not only wrote a fantastic sequel on being grateful, followed by an interesting observation on art as the conversation topic of choice for bankers in the weekend but also continued to reveal the century old secret ingredient of lemonade being lemons.

If this all was not sufficient, we got reminded on the honey trap we all face when we go out on our favorite social media platform of choice looking for instant recognition and gratification.

A true Roller-Coaster for the mind.

In the meantime I was stuck in corporate boardrooms with Darth, discussing his latest and greatest top secret projects I can not talk about (remember these silly NDA's ...) without a decent connection to the internet (WiFi on the Death Star is restricted).

So, when I came back from my corporate deep dive I got completely energized by all the food for thought Shelly put out there.

Food for discussion.

Food for our brains and our heart to take in, absorb, dissect and include in our work.

I for sure will respond on some of the posts in more detail (I still believe bankers talk shop in the weekend and likes can help you grow your skills as an artistic crowdsourcing) but for now I can only wholeheartedly agree with Shelly when she reminds us of the gap between following our own artistic self and seeking instant gratification on our social media of choice.

Mind the gap.


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