Friday, August 8, 2014

The Little Green Men ...

What a surprise to find my two dear friends on the cliffs of Cape North on this truly epic adventure in search of Northern Light! It has been so long since our paths have crossed. If I had only known they where following us, I would have had +Me2 pull over sooner.

 Alas, their time was short so we had to keep our reminiscences brief. After we caught up on the important stuff they informed me my travels would soon encounter another dear friend. They handed me a package and asked me to pass it along to our mutual friend. I knew well enough not to ask any unnecessary questions. I love my green traveling friends, but I know they enjoy their secrecy.

 Even though the package was slim, I held out hope it had something to do with food because those little green travelors really know how to cook. If you ever run into them, ask them to prepare you a meal. You won't regret it! 

~ xxsjc

Have you looked at a map and seen where these photos where taken
Would you want to travel there yourself?

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