Saturday, August 16, 2014

Grateful (2/3)

I'm sure this one is pretty self explanatory, but I am thankful for my family. I'm not foolish enough to think that I could be taking lego photos, volunteering, running 1/2 of Stuckinplastic as well as 1/3 of Brickcentral (as well as my regular life and job responsibilities) without some serious family support.

Not only do they support my photo antics, they actually encourage them. My husband will buy me unusual mini figs as gifts, my daughter keeps my up to date on the doings at the Lego store she works at and my son helps me build props as well as accompanies my on my photo adventures.

They all know that when we go on a family adventure there is a good chance my Lego friends will be coming along as well. They are all happy to hang out for an hour or more while I take advantage of some interesting local to snap a couple of photos. This past weekend was no exception. We went on a hike and I had some quality photo time at our destination as well as some quality time photographing at the lake at the base of the trail.

It's not easy to be an adult playing with toys. Not having to explain myself to the ones I love is a blessing I don't take for granted. Of course many of my friends fall somewhere between enthusiastic and skeptical, but they are slowly coming around. My that's another story altogether.

~ xxsjc

How do your family and friends react to your hobby?
Do you have a photographic support system? If so, who are they?

Taken on a gloomy day at the end of a lovely hike.


  1. I'm fortunate that my two kids have actively encouraged my Lego photography, from signing me up for Instagram to giving me story ideas. My current story, where Mr. Burns burns in Hell, courtesy of Patricio's Book Rocket, came out of my daughter's wanting me to give her the Mr. Burns minifigure that I won from Mark Navin. To give her the minifig, I had to get him out of the story, much like TV writers have to kill off characters or otherwise get rid of them when the actor doesn't return for the next season.

  2. They say if you haven´t grown up by the age of don´t have to! One week and ten more days for me to resist the temptation of becoming an adult. Think I´ll manage to ;-)
    Don´t think anyone should ever explain themselves why they are taking toy pics. We just do it. And it makes us happy, right?
    (And yes, it makes it a lot easier when you got your family´s back. I know iI do as well...)