Friday, April 25, 2014

Cliff H.

TGIF ...

I always thought animated GIFs was a cool thing of the future and PNG sounded pretty much like an X-rated movie to me, but I never understood TGIF.

Until recently ...

Another fantastic roller coaster week has flew by, and some may have wondered what happened to the Easter Give Away we started a month ago.

And yes, this weekend it is all coming together.

We have the three names of the Easter Egg Hunt safely tucked away and Thanks IG it is Friday for all of us, so we have the weekend to get everything under control.

Three winners, three prints, I am just not sure if I should go for the signed limited edition of our Stormtrooper above in an exclusive 3 printed and signed version, or should let the winners choose their print.

If you would be one of the three exclusive Winners what would you prefer ?

A dedicated, exclusive 3 prints only Stormtrooper signed for you exclusively, or choosing a print from the collections ?

Let us know in the comments below or on your preferred social media platform of choice what you would like to see happen if you are one of the winners ...


Footnotes to self:
Day 6 in my personal challenge.
A hectic weekend ahead of us ...

As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice ... 


  1. I would suggest choosing from a selection. It's a brilliant image, but pink might not go with the wallpaper :-)

    1. Mike, that was the exact reason why I was doubting myself.

      Now almost everyone (except you and me) went for the exclusive limited edition signed version, even if it is in pink ;-)

      Lets see where we land on IG.


  2. I didn't enter so I shouldn't even say…but I would think you should choose.

  3. Decisions, decisions.... Exclusivity is the way to go, I thinks... you decide!! :-p

    1. Aye, I did.

      Exclusivity and limited edition it will be.

      Thanks for the support !