Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Stockholm Syndrome

While Shelly is obviously struggling with the Imposter Syndrome and is rightfully exploring the inner workings of the meaning of live, art, photography, plastic and faking it all, I feel more close to home (ouch, one of my long sentences).

I like to sympathize with the Art crowd out there (they have soup after all) and just stick the label of Stockholm Syndrome on my back and move on.

I agree to be an arrogant Artist™in the 21st century.

Art in the 21st century is still very much the same as it was 25 centuries ago. The means have changed and the world has turned flat, and we moved on from binary art to (the next level) of binary art, yet we are still asking the same questions and researching the same inner workings of the big bang.

This does not mean we are imposters as we explore our boundaries and see where we are stuck in plastic together with you.

And this is what this post is all about.

Finding you.
Yes You™.

Regardless whether You are close to the Imposter or Stockholm Syndrome, if You™feel you can be that partner in crime here at Stuck In Plastic and join Shelly and me in our journey of conquering the world (phase one, Universe is following in a second stage) and join us in our Art™collective where we try to find our place, do speak up. It is about You as an Artist™, as a Photographer, as a brick stuck in plastic ... and about Us™as a collective (pun intended to that other strange collective called Pink Floyd).

So You™wanna join OurJourney ?

(ok there is no official solicitation form, but that is part of the journey and You™know how to contact



  1. Hi, *waves hand*.

    I've been thinking, over the past couple of days, and I think I'd really like to tag along on your journey.

    I'm not quite sure where I'm starting from (or where l'm heading) but I think that the walk would do me good.

    Seeing new sights, getting some fresh (artistic) air, as it were. So where do I sign up?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Welcome aboard our epic Sea Cow™ adventure were we are trying to get our armada floating and define our future journey.

      We don't have all the application forms ready, nor do we have a secret path of initiation like the Illuminati, so I think we should get a try do a KIK or chat or hangout session in the coming days so we can see what the next steps are in our epic adventures ...

      Any preferences between Google chat, KIK, FB messaging or good old epic landlines to get our boats hooked up ?


    2. I don't do Kik, but Hangouts looks good (or might do after I figure out how it works :-)) or Skype.

  2. An adventure of epic proportions this is, and I too would like to embark on this journey. Don't really know where I'm going with this, just trying to survive a lego365 at the moment, counting 101 days at present time of writing. But here I am ready to dive into a nerdy plastic adventure. Contributing my own weird compass of reality. Cheers

    1. Welcome aboard, Christoffer.

      Epic proportions and some classic old Sea Cow™ adventures it will be !
      Now given the overwhelming feedback Shelly and me had a quick chat (as we were not that well prepared ;-) and we are trying to get order in our floating boats ...

      Stay tuned for the next post here and IG and all things should become less foggy !