Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring is in the air ...

Walpurgis, or the preparation for trick and treat in six months time from now on All Hallows' Eve kicks off the Spring Season in this segment of the world.

It is most interesting to see that the pagan celebration of nature elements is popping up  in our pictures once in a while.

Must be the sun and the golden hour
Maybe something we should explore in more depth.

Pagan, turning of the tides, Christian calendar and great shooting moments ...

Enjoy Vappu / Valborg / Spring / Walpurgis .... and let us know what you captured now that spring is starting in this part of the world !


Footnotes to self:

Day 11 in my personal challenge.

As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice on the pagan topic ...


  1. I've been giving this one some thought since we talked last. In fact I wrote an entire blog post then deleted it.

    I think there are two types of Lego photographers in the world: those who shoot out side in nature and those that shoot in a studio. Rarely do they mix (I think you are a rare exception). I tried shooting studio work but I found the back drop too sterile. Plus I would need a lot more practice at studio lighting…maybe in my next life time.

    I have committed to shooting my mini fig friends out side. I find it easier to reveal their life like attributes when they are in the environment, no matter what the season. Of course I am grateful that spring has sprung. The backgrounds are more colorful and I am not bundled up from head to toe.

    I find it interesting that Lego seems to appreciate Lego photography that takes place within the Lego brick universe. I wonder if they like to keep the two worlds separate?

    As far as which minifies would I photograph now that the seasons are changing? Well, certainly my ice planet explorers are taking a much needed vacation, but I don't think you ail sees bees, bunnies or chickens showing up any more frequently in my images than they ever did. (Read that as next to never.)

    This blog post makes me wonder why people choose the mini figs they do to photograph. I think that is an interesting avenue of discussion to consider.

    Ok - enough rambling for now.

    Later gater.

    1. Sorry to hear you deleted a good full page of writing :(

    2. It was a ramble. :/
      You didn't miss much :)