Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Big Blue Marble

My favorite chapter in Steal Like An Artist is "Geography is no longer our master". Truer words could not have been published. Only in a world where we can connect socially on so many different platforms that your head starts spinning if you try to name them all, can you make friends all over the globe. Only in this crazy internet focused photography community would I be lucky enough to find a like minded friend on the other side of the world. (Hi +Me2!)

The internet has introduced me to so many great toy photographers who have influenced me over the last several years like Avanaut, Me2 (Again with that guy!), +Alessio Billi and Legojacker. Each, in their own way, they have shown me what the photographic possibilities could be. I have the world wide web to thank for connecting me to these amazing people who have all helped me to be a better photographer.

When I met with the writer Lyn Miller-Lachman (another IG friend) this past February she told me something I have really taken to heart. That we need to make connections beyond ourselves with other platforms and other people if we want to be heard in all the noise created by the internet. By creating a web of connections we are all made stronger for these bonds. Think of it like this: we are all in our own boat, but if we lash them together we will be bigger, stronger and hopefully more visible. Ok, maybe she didn't say all of that - but that is what I heard. (please forgive me Lynn if I twisted your words!)

So yesterday Me2 asked if there were any like minded photographers out there who are interested in joining this arts collective we call Stuckinplastic and lashing their boat to ours. The silence was deafening. Maybe we asked too soon? Maybe we haven't been clear about our aims? Maybe there are only two people on all of the IG toy community who are interested in taking their photography off the internet and into the real world? I don't know, but we will occasionally keep asking until someone bangs on our open door.

In the mean time I will continue to nurture and be inspired by my curent friends as well as find new people to connect with on twitter, flicker, Instagram, Google+…

- xxsjc


  1. I heard you then and I hear you now...
    What I don't know, and what may the a barrier for others, is what exactly "joining" you two actually means.
    Writing on this blog? Participating in some other fashion? Lego only people?
    I need a better picture (haha, pun!) before I know what I can or can't commit to.

    1. If only we would know ourselves ;-)

      We all have our own boat like Shelly says, and want to see how our joined Sea Cow™ may look like when we bring our boats together. We know we are looking for like minded plastic photographers to build our boat together.
      We know it will be more as this blog or posting on a 620 pixel canvas.
      We are looking at some joined art projects outside the web (will not spoil the ideas here) and so we are looking for some commitment to pull our Sea Cow™ over the ocean, but how the boat will eventually look will depend on who shows up at the open door ...

      We will try to paint the picture better in the coming posts, but there is no firm "job description" to post ...

      Hope I did not confuse you even more :-)