Monday, April 7, 2014

The Flow - Part I

Last weekend I was stuck in a small city called Leuven exploring some of the secret portals they have hidden in plane sight and I was really struggling with my on the road workflow (hence the reason I did not post a blog or a quick selfie on instagram) as there is more to the flow than just point, shoot and post ...

So this morning, back in The Studio, armed with a cup of coffee I decided to upload Stargate™to Flickr when my happy flow and the rest of the day was ruined.

Flickr and Yahoo decided to have a battle with my identity provider and no longer offer a trusted sign on with Google (and Facebook) or at least a big pop up told me that soon my login would no longer be possible ...

And so my early morning post on Shelly stealing topic and some of my on the road workflow musings got canned and this posting turned into a little rant.

I can understand the need for Yahoo (who owns Flickr) to try to regain a piece of the identity puzzle, but why they have to enforce this on the existing (paying) user base is beyond my understanding and I don't understand why I am forced in a yahoo email address.

There is no incentive, no clear explanation, just the need to register yet another email address I will never use. 

I do like Flickr, and I stayed away from uploading my pictures into Picasa (the Google Flickr) but given the road Flickr and Yahoo have choosen (removing the blogger integration, removing the Google Identity integration, ...) it is clear that Flickr wants me to choose between the Google ecosystem and theirs on the long run.

A choice that may not be in favor of Flickr after all ... 


  1. First I'm sorry your work flow was highjacked. I think its easy to forget how much time it takes to get the simple tasks streamlined so it doesn't take hours out of an already busy day. It is unfortunate that as the big boys battle for supremacy the only people who get hurt are the consumers. If anything, all that is shown by all this big boy posturing it is that there are multiple places to post your photos, with the most important being your own web site. In the mean time I will be posting to the half dozen photo sites I already post too, which is a waste of time, but my ass feels well covered.

    1. Aye, my workflow is far from perfect (it is actually still very clumsy) and I wanted to write a friendly post on it when the big boys created trouble in paradise.

      Now, it is exactly the second piece (posting to all different photo sites) I wanted to avoid with my little happy flow where Flickr acted as a picture hub across the different sites.

      I will have to rethink it a little.

    2. When you find the perfect set-up let me know. I have already had two streamlined workflow protocols disappear from under me. Now I am left to manual posting and why all the sites have different work. Ugh!