Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No Selfie

Today I had the great pleasure to be invited to a small reception where I had the opportunity to meet the King and the Queen of the country I call mine (I am living in my second home country).

While most of the time I am surrounded with NDA and other corporate agreements and these kind of opportunities just only make it as a backdrop in my shoots (unless the personalities walk into The Studio™ off-course) and so it was great to hear the royal protocol did allow for some discreet pictures, but we were explicitly asked to not take any "selfies"...

It was a unique experience (no pictures though as I want to respect the royal protocol) and I promise tomorrows post will include a gorgeous shoot for you to enjoy.


Footnotes to self:

Day 10 in my personal challenge (and the first without a picture)

While this my sound more like a tweet, this blog post will proof it historical value.

As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice ...

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