Thursday, July 24, 2014


As we await +Me2 and his/our grand adventure to begin I thought I would introduce you to another great storyteller: Bricksailboat.

BrickSailboat has always been one of my favorite feeds on Instagram. What is there not to like about free wheeling ninjas, a crew of regular mini figs and classic pirates all struggling for control of a full size sailboat?

The mastermind of this silly and beautifully photographed feed is Paul S. Mr S loves a good story. The characters who populate his feed are often engaged in an elaborate story lines involving adventure, epic quests and mysterious strangers. Even when the ninjas are simply training on the boat I have the feeling they are bidding their time until the next adventure begins.

Now that Mr S. is on his own epic cross country trek, relocating to another coast line, the entire crew of the sailboat has gone on equally large quests. As we are treated to photos of ninjas' trekking across sand dunes I realize that Mr S planned his entire road trip around finding these stunning locations just to feed the story line. That is some dedication!

If you find yourself treading water with your photography, creating a specific story line is a great way to move forward. If you are handy with words write an original adventure, if not try recreating a favorite literary passage. You might just find yourself creating some beautiful photographs along the way.

Who are your favorite storytellers on Instagram?
Have you tried your hand at creating a unified story and telling it using Lego?


  1. I started telling a unified story using Lego a couple of years ago, trying to audition to write one of those series Lego books for kids. It didn't work out because I didn't know anyone and had no idea how to get in with the publisher, but I found that I liked telling graphic stories, and as mediocre as my photography is, it's better than anything I can draw. (However, if I COULD draw, I would be creating graphic novels by now.) However, I'm at the point where the Lego stories are draining too much of my creative energy that needs to go into writing and revising my novels, so I'm going to wrap it up after my current story. However, I'm a huge fan of Mark Navin's series of The Not So Brave and Bright Knight. His set-ups are extraordinarily creative and he really knows his photography, which I don't.

    1. I can see how telling stories with Lego would be a huge distraction to writing and editing your novels Lyn. I hope you will continue with yours mini lego stories as time allows. I am also a big fan of Mark's work. He is amazingly prolific and his in and out of danger story line is incredibly effective.