Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day One and a half ...

Goodmorning Sunshines !

The epic adventure is well on its way and we are getting the logistics in place to shoot great pictures, have an awesome time amongst friends, keep you all posted and do some mileage in our quest for the northern light and epic friendships stuck in plastic.

Yesterday we drove a good 500 kilometers from our Studio in the heart of the Stockholm Archipelago to the beginning of our quest, the start of inlandsvagen near Gothenburg.

On the way down we passed by the Swedish Hollywood to pick one of our crew members who was out and about shooting his own epic adventure in the zombie infested woods of Trolleywood.

Luckily no one got hurt but we may have picked up a few pieces of unplanned guests on the way. Time will tell.

The whole crew checked in an undisclosed location at the Avenue of Gothenburg, but someone must have given the hotel a heads up as you could see last night on Twitter (feel free to follow us there as well and get instant tweets as we move along).

While east_mountain was having a great time when the water poured down from the sky the rest of us of took some shelter in Liseberg.

And luckily we did as we bumped into Kristy who had taken a wrong turn when she was hitchiking across the universe from down under ...

The rest of the night we spent with Balder, Helix, HDR and some good beer, wine and conversations ...

Now, who showed up with some extra lugage at breakfast ?

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