Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Traveling City

The Crew Buss in Kiruna City

Another epic day is coming to a close.

We found the moving city of Kiruna, we got the whole Crew™ certified on being polar circle explorers,  we found snow on the mountains, we talked shop, we had great food, we sang some Dwarvish songs, we closed the gap to the laponian gate and we ended the day with a fantastic photowalk down the slope.

Each and every topic deserves its own post and both me and Shelly made a mental note we will explore some of the topics in more detail (walking cities, talking shop, photowalks, Dwarvish songs...) long after the epic adventure has come to a closure and is part of our shared memory (read history).

On the way out of Kiruna some of the Crew decided to take a quick selfie before hitting the snowy mountains and luxury key resorts ...

A quick Selfie in Kiruna

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