Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You Are Awesome !

Thank you all for your awesomeness !

This is our 100th post here on the stuckinplastic blog and we thought we share some stats of awesomeness with you all !

Our very first post was posted only 4 months ago and attracted a good 17 page views and no G+ recommendation.

In average individual posts today get an average of 54 page views and our most viewed individual posting got a good 136 individual page views and 19 G+ recommendations.

We accumulated a great grand total of  11K page views.

The top countries visiting us are US, Sweden, Israel, UK, Australia, Russia, Finland, Singapore and Belgium. 

33% of you awesome people are using windows and another 33% use a Mac and 21% actually likes to visit us from the comfort of their iPhone.

We accumulated a good 115 comments here, but get much more traction on G+ (do visit our G+ community if you have not yet done)

And last but not least (and I know some of you will not believe this, including myself), Shelly and Me2 posted each approximate 50 posts each.

Thank you all for awesome support the last 4 months.

Looking forward to another quarter of awesomeness together with you !

Shelly & Me2

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